COVID-19 Policies

CABH is committed to continuing to meet the needs of the St. Louis community during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. There has been a higher incidence of anxiety and depression throughout the pandemic, not just St. Louis, but the world. As mental health providers, we first must "do no harm," so our ethics require us to balance the mental health and physical health of those with whom we work. Our policies adjust as needed to the changing nature of the pandemic in our area.

CABH staff is fully vaccinated and are obtaining boosters as they are available and recommended so we have been able to return to in-person care when appropriate and needed. CABH is consistently monitoring our local transmission rates and adjusting our in-person services accordingly.

We are providing teletherapy for counseling throughout the crisis and provide those assessment services that are able to be provided online when in-person testing is not appropriate. We are currently providing in-person services when we can reasonably assure minimal risk. We have implemented increased cleaning protocols, installed plexiglass barriers and air purifiers, and mask while in person with N-95 or similarly effective masks.

Individuals presenting to our office must remain effectively masked in the waiting room and when moving through the suite. Effective masks include N-95, KN-95, KF-94, or any mask that meets or exceeds the filtration requirements for an N-95. Face shields, bandanas, gaiters, and cloth masks will not be an acceptable means of masking. While CABH has purchased masks meeting these requirements in various sizes, we encourage you to provide your own to insure proper fit for effectiveness and your comfort. Mitigation strategies remain in place that include: no physical contact with others, contactless payment, disinfecting wipes/spray in rooms for cleaning of surfaces and materials, plexiglass shields at check-in and during testing, and hand sanitizer throughout suite.

Regardless of vaccination status, we request that all individuals presenting for in-person services monitor themselves or their children for symptoms that may be contagious and not present to the office if they are experiencing symptoms that could be given to others. Individuals who have symptoms or have been exposed to someone showing signs of infection or confirmed positive within the past two weeks should not present for in-person services. In-person therapy sessions can be easily changed to being virtual during times of possible contagion. Similarly, if one of our staff is experiencing symptoms, they will offer you virtual instead of in-person services if they are feeling well enough to provide the services and they can be done so virtually.

CABH staff is committed to providing excellent service while also managing the pandemic. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we address this unprecedented time. We request and will provide understanding and flexibility regarding rescheduling necessities during this time to keep everyone safe.