Counseling and Assessment for Behavioral Health, Inc. is a private therapy and assessment practice in Creve Coeur, Missouri founded in 2003 by director and owner Catherine B. Hasler, Ph.D. Dr. Hasler specializes in the differential diagnosis and treatment of children, teen, adults, and families with a variety of presenting concerns. Therapists are available to work with children aged four and above. The orientation of treatment is a combination of cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and interpersonal. It is the belief of the therapists at CABH that parents are a key component to the mental health of their children and, as such, they participate in therapy either to support changes their children are making or to make changes in themselves or their parenting to best meet the needs of their children. At times unlicensed therapists under the supervision of Dr. Hasler are available to work with families who need a lower cost for their therapy needs.

Please Call 314-569-5055 or email for Information and Scheduling